Bulgarian-Ukrainian Cossacks REGISTERED

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Cossacks, as a social movement has been influential and unparalleled breadth popularity in Ukraine and abroad. Cossacks not accidentally find followers in Bulgaria, looking at the past and the present, we see that the Cossacks are carriers of national ideas of leaders and glorious historical moments of pride.

The main purpose of the Cossacks is to promote the development of the country as a sovereign, independent, democratic and rule with a unique model of democracy established yet in the prime of Cossacks, which harmoniously combines peace and freedom combined with discipline and order in the state.

 The motto of the Cossacks in the past was "Save the honor - to keep the glory!" And in the spirit of modern Cossacks motto is: "To create a prosperous country and strengthen the welfare of the people through spirituality and patriotism in every person"!