Bulgarian-Ukrainian Cossacks REGISTERED

Kiev city-11.21.2015-our very good friend V.Bogdan


Dedication ceremony in the town Cossacks - Kiev 2014




Annual Meeting of the Great Rada of Ataman of Urk - 09.06.2014  Kiev









Blagoevgrad businessman Valentin Naidenov proclaimed supreme Ataman


Entrepreneur established Bulgarian-Ukrainian Association of Cossacks, welcomed in his office Admiral Boris Kozhin

Blagoevgrad businessman Valentin Naidenov head Association of Bulgarian-Ukrainian Cossacks. The nongovernmental organizations Bulgarian-Ukrainian registered Cossacks (jar) is listed in the corporate department of the District Court - Blagoevgrad after a positive decision to register the judge Tatiana Andonova. Valentin Naidenov was elected chairman of the board of the Constituent Assembly in Blagoevgrad, involving the former head of the Fire Service in Blagoevgrad Ventsislav Galabov eksdirektorat of lottery Krasimir Tsvetanov and 4 th representatives from other cities.

The choice of Blagoevgrad businessman is not accidental, since before he was proclaimed supreme Ataman of the head of the Ukrainian Cossacks getman Anatoly Shevchenko.

"The idea was born a year and a half when I contacted the Ukrainian Cossacks, which has over 250,000 members. I received permission from getman Anatoly Shevchenko, who appointed me supreme Ataman in Bulgaria. We were supporters of the idea, the majority are graduates of the Mathematics High School in Blagoevgrad, held a Constituent Assembly and Statutes. Our goal is to affirm the Bulgarian-Ukrainian relations. We maintain ideological, spiritual and moral principles of Ukrainian Cossacks, who are great patriots and their homeland in the first place. Taking the example of them will focus our efforts on revival and lifting the Bulgarian national spirit and greatness of the Bulgarian nation. Provides comprehensive events with cultural enlightening character study of Bulgarian history with the aim of patriotic education of youth. There will be sports events, Cossack camp duties festivals ", outlined the prospect Valentin Naidenov.

He began intensive preparations for the official visit of the delegation of the Ukrainian Cossacks, led by Anatoly Shevchenko getmana in Blagoevgrad in the coming months. Yesterday in the office of the businessman in Blagoevgrad, where the headquarters of freshly registered association jar was the first supreme commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Vice-Admiral Boris Kozhin.

"For the first time I come in Blagoevgrad, with the main task to meet interesting people and friends, and with this amazing and responsible person Valentin Naidenov. I am very glad that he created this association, which will strengthen the friendship between Bulgarians and Ukrainians, as well as historical, cultural, economic ties and business contacts. Bulgaria is the best example of Ukraine. As part of the EU, it has a European defense and security, to this aim and my country. We are proud of our friends from Bulgaria and we are very grateful that supports Ukraine in protecting our national sovereignty and territorial integrity, "said Boris Kozhin.

Vitseadmialat that creates and heads the Navy free Ukraine is optimistic about resolving the conflict with Russia. On the occasion of the current Bulgarian-Ukrainian boxing "conflict" between Kubrat Pulev and Vladimir Klitschko he said the following: "When playing the game, I was flying the plane and cross your fingers for Klitschko. But because Valentine support small and Bulgarians. Behind him is the future, "admitted Boris Kozhin. 

70-year-old Admiral was a prominent figure in Ukraine. He was twice elected president of the Union of Ukrainian officers, he was a member of the Ukrainian Rada. After retiring, started to deal with social activities, personal e service of Pope John Paul II and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Ukrainian Order "Marine Cross". Wife of Vice Admiral - Alla, a lecturer at the Academy of State and Law, his son is a television director and his daughter deals with socio-political activity.


53-year-old Valentin Naidenov is a partner and manager in several companies, but its main activity is related to wholesale oil. At the time of the socialist era worked six years in Ukraine, where he established good contacts used after time in his career as a businessman.